Saturday, December 01, 2012


After making the Appleseed, I needed to get my sock monkey fix.  I love the NFL, so I decided to name the monkeys after NFL quarterbacks.

While I was making this next monkey, the Saints were playing the Falcons - so this monkey became Drew [after Mr. Drew Brees] because Drew Brees threw five interceptions that night.

All I have to say is - Drew will be the best Secret Santa gift ever in tonight's gift exchange!

Who is ever going it guess it is a sock monkey?!?!  Bwahahahhaha!

Post Party Report: The party was a lot of fun with great food and great friends. Tim and Rosie out did themselves again hosting their 10th annual Christmas potluck party. Drew was the first present picked. Maybe it's because of the ambiguous wrapping, but I have a say it was a hit because it was stolen eight times during the secret Santa gift exchange.

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